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A super-intelligent and efficient Applicant Tracking System to help you turn recruitment into a smooth ride with for incredible results.

From Complexity To Simplicity

Nextgeek has complex technology and deep insights working at the back end to give you a simple, smooth experience.



Machine Learning

Great Experience

Great Insights

Great Savings

Finding Candidates Made Simple

Improve the quality of candidates from source to hire with these smart features and tools. Automation and business intelligence at its best.

Discover and Manage

  • Social Media Hiring
  • Common Candidate Pool
  • Smart Resume Parsing
  • Candidate Activity Tracking
  • Intelligent Search and Filtering

Automate and Collaborate to Hire Faster.

Nextgeek combines robotic precision with human intuition to track and organise your data, processes and schedules. Comes in handy when you want to take quick decisions, which is always.

Collaborate & Engage

  • Innovative user interface
  • Collaborate with stakeholders
  • Personalised interview scheduling
  • Streamline and personalise communication
  • Manage Pipeline
  • Manage hiring team and stakeholders

Simplified to Help You Hire Better.

There’s nothing called too much data. That’s why Nextgeek misses nothing!. It captures all data on the platform to build micro and macro level metrics you can use as you please.

Measure & Optimise

  • Meaningful metrics and reports
  • Strategise hiring requirements and process
  • Improve ROI
  • Improve quality of hires
  • Measure team performance

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Nextgeek transformed our hiring game with seamless website integration and customizable processes. The user-friendly interface and stellar customer support are standout features. Yet, the real magic is in the time saved – automated screening tools have made hiring faster and more efficient.

Anitha G

Talent Acquisition Leader

Our team couldn’t be happier with Nextgeek’s impact on our hiring. The integration was a breeze, and the customization options have allowed us to fine-tune our recruitment approach.

Sukesh Shetty

Group Manager

Kudos to Nextgeek for revolutionizing our hiring process! The integration was seamless, and the customization options gave us the flexibility we needed. The user-friendly interface made the learning curve minimal, and the automated screening tools have cut down our recruitment time significantly.

Arul S

General Manager