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Automate and collaborate to hire faster

Nextgeek combines robotic precision with human intuition to track and organise your data, processes and schedules. Comes in handy when you want to take quick decisions, which is always.

Click To Call

Click to call is a useful feature which allows you to get in touch with the candidate easily over the call.

Job Portal Search

Integration with multiple job portals for sourcing candidates 

Job Board Integration

Job board integration with Nextgeek is a great way to streamline your recruiting process and reach out to the right candidates. With this application, you can easily create new job postings and manage posts. 

Integration With Team On Google Meet & Zoom

Now you can integrate with your team on Google Meet, Outlook and zoom through nextgeek. 

Curious to know more?

Take a live demo with our product team to experience Nextgeek first hand. They would love to understand what your specific recruitment problems are and suggest how Nextgeek could help you out. If you are not looking to buy an ATS at this point, we’d still love to give you a demo to hear your feedback.