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Automate and collaborate to hire faster

Nextgeek combines robotic precision with human intuition to track and organise your data, processes and schedules. Comes in handy when you want to take quick decisions, which is always.

Document Management

Document management feature that allows users to be more productive by organizing, searching and retrieving file contents in a quick and easy manner. Upload and download documents PDF, Excel and Word. 

Position Pipeline Feature

Our Pipeline Management platform provides a single, centralized view of your work in progress. From this you can edit the pipeline process as per your convenience, and manage the workflow in a simplified manner.

Candidate Match Through AI

Candidate Match is powered by AI. It identifies the best candidates for your open roles, eliminating duplicates and scalers, shortlisted or rejected applicants. 

Candidate Matching technology makes it easy to find the best person for any role. We’ve developed a proprietary database of structured data, and machine learning algorithms help identify promising candidates in record time. 

Dynamic Template Management

A highly modular, dynamic template management platform enabling you to manage all templates at once. The user experience is minimal and extremely easy to use.

Career Page Integration

Every day, millions of people look for job opportunities on Career Pages. We have been integrating with the leading career websites in the market and keep a track of what your current employers are saying about you. You can also publish jobs from next week to you own career page. Candidates applying through this feature would directly come into the position pipeline saving you a lot of time. 

Bulk Email

We know that Bulk Email is important to your business. We specialize in creating bulk emails to fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently for candidates and interviewers.

Database Management

Nextgeek  Database Management System enables you to maintain, and organize your data in an easy to use environment. 

Curious to know more?

Take a live demo with our product team to experience Nextgeek first hand. They would love to understand what your specific recruitment problems are and suggest how Nextgeek could help you out. If you are not looking to buy an ATS at this point, we’d still love to give you a demo to hear your feedback.